Equine Therapies

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The following Endorsement(s) apply:

Treatment of Animals

The Insured will only be covered for treatments on animals that show any sign of illness or injury if the permission of a veterinary surgeon is obtained prior to any treatment being given. If this is verbal or through the owner of the animal then a detailed note must be kept on the consultation record and the signature of the owner obtained to verify the instruction.

The limit of indemnity in respect of insuring clauses A, B and C whilst working with animals is hereby amended to read £ 2,500,000 any one claim and in total in the period of insurance.

The maximum limit of indemnity for working with animals is £ 2,500,000

This schedule of insurance excludes any prosecution resulting from a breach of The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. Or the equivalent Act in Ireland.

This schedule of insurance excludes liability for any claim arising from or related to any work where a horse is mounted or ridden.

Care of Horses:

This policy will only provide cover for the treatment of horses while they are in your care and receiving a treatment, there is no cover in place for liability arising from the operation of any type of livery, rehabilitation or riding school facilities.

All other terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations in this policy remain unaltered.