July 12, 2023: Help required from our Nutritional Therapy clients

We have been asked by Kim and her team at ISOS Connect to assist in a survey of Nutritional Therapists to find out if the service that they provide could be of help to you.

We have not provided your data to ISOS Connect and they can only contact you if you choose to take part.

You will not be under obligations to engage further with ISOS Connect.

All information provided is confidential and we are not party to your response. The overall outcome of the survey may be reported to us for information purposes.

February 13, 2023: The Menopause Million

One of our clients has launched a survey for those going through the menopause and would like to share this so that they can get a million respondents in as many countries as possible therefore please feel free to pass this on if you wish.

Key information
The questionnaire is externally validated
They are a team which includes medics
They aim to publish the data, freely, every quarter
They do not collect any personal information

Aim : To collect data from women worldwide to enable us to better understand the unwanted consequences of menopause, the accompanying changes (good and not so good) and self-reported solutions.

The research study has two objectives:

Hypothesis 1: There are symptoms that are irrelevant of subjects ethnicity

Objective: Identifying menopausal symptoms and treatments with global relevance

Hypothesis 2: Symptom groups can be matched with ameliorating therapies

Objective: Identifying specific complementary therapies which ameliorate groups of menopausal symptoms

The online questionnaire has been externally validated by a leading UK university. The results will be published at regular intervals and are freely available.